/ Rear View Mirror Series

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The main series of the Flauto d’Amore Project, Rear View Mirror aims to establish the flauto d’amore in the new music scene while connecting with its traditional origins.

Vol. I: A Contemporary Glance on Flauto d’Amore

/ the instrument gets exposed for the first time, unveiling the beginning of how its potentiality can enfold.

Nathan Hudson / Textured Air, for fda and percussion

Liliya Ugay / Sweet Suite for fda and piano

Gleb Kanasevich / don’t wake them up for fda and electronics

Max Grafe / Trio Sonata for fda, viola and bass clarinet

Greenwich House / Manhattan / May 26, 2019 / 7:30pm

Vol. II: Works With Strings

/ the journey continues through the exploration of the flauto d’amore paired with strings and electronics.

Erin Rogers / new work for fda and viola

Clint Needham / new work for fda and string trio

Nirmali Fenn / new work for fda and electronics

James-David Stoker Johnsen-Young / new work for fda solo

Howie Kenty / new work for fda and string quartet + electronics

Greenwich House / Manhattan / February 8, 2019 / 7:30pm

Vol. III: Stylus Electricus

/ the flauto d’amore is joined by period instrument in an exploration of ancient sounds in a modern language.

Roger Zare / new work TBA

Flannery Cunningham / new work TBA

Inti figgis-vizueta / new work TBA

Keiko Devaux / new work TBA

Greenwich House / Manhattan / October, 2020 / 7:30pm 

/ Independent Projects


Flauto d’amore at Rockwood: Electric Sessions

/ Electric Sessions is a show that brings the Flauto d'Amore into the world of jazz and electronic music. The evening begins with an improvised set of electronic music featuring the Flauto d'Amore with Nathan Hudson and Ginevra Petrucci, and then new compositions and reimagined standards for jazz quartet, where Ginevra will be joined by Mikael Darmanie on piano, Keenan Zach on bass and Chris Bill on drums performing works written by Zach and Bill.

Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 3 / Manhattan / December 1, 2019 / 5:00pm